Commercial font use for products made with LibreOffice?

If I am using LibreOffice to make paper crafts such as bookmarks or greeting cards to sell, may I use any of the fonts that are there, or are some not available for commercial use? In other words, are all of the fonts included in LibreOffice free to use for commercial purposes without attribution?

The short answer (to “may I use any of the fonts that are there?”) is “Yes”. Whatever fonts you legally have on your system, you should be able to use to produce commercial products. The fact you’re using LibO Draw to produce them is irrelevant.

But IANAL, as they say. Still, see these two links for more informed guidance on your concern (which, strictly speaking, isn’t a LibreOffice issue at all):

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… and if the question is actually meant to ask “are the fonts in LibreOffice bundle free?” - then yes, all fonts that TDF ships in LibreOffice packages are free and OK to use for whatever purpose.

Thank you. Yes, I was wanting to know if all of the fonts were free to use for commercial purposes without attribution.