Comparative test: linked workbooks fail to transition from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux

Following my earlier queries (listed below), I’ve undertaken a comparative test of linked workbooks in Excel/Windows and Calc/Linux.

The test sought to replicate the experience of a user wanting to migrate from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux via a sync agent of Google Drive.

Unfortunately, the findings of this test suggest that Calc cannot successfully, or consistently, link workbooks. This means that it isn’t feasible to migrate from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux.

The full test documentation is linked below. The findings are in file “documentation Excel v Calc linked books named ranges test.*”. The test workbooks and loads of screenshots are present. The full documentation is zipped in “full package- Excel v Calc linked books named ranges”.

This issue asks for a detailed peer review, not quick fixes. It could take a developer up to 4 hours to review the documentation and understand it, then a further 16 hours to re-test/re-prove/disprove the findings.

Documentation of the test:

Prior issues:

The answer below is not an answer, it is merely a comment. The correct answer would be, “We have replicated the issue and the fix will be in version x.x.x due for release on ddmmmyyyy.”

For the record, tdf#76047 bears only slight resemblance to some of multiple issues demonstrated in the workings to this question. tdf#76047 cannot amount to even a sniff towards the correct answer.

The answer below is the real answer, even if partial. You have come to a user-to-user help site, and you cannot expect other users to answer like you imagined. But others could expect you to read the site’s rules (linked from the site’s main page), so that you could know how and where to report bugs properly.

And of course, it might be not known to you that the open-source free software development model does not imply a guarantee about when a problem would be fixed, unless you are a paying customer of some company providing you the commercial support. If you are not, then you only may hope that once some developer who knows the internals related to the issue, will come across the issue, and will have free time and will to fix it.

Maybe in relation with this bug tdf#76047 , links to external files are broken on opening an excel file.