Compare two prices and display the difference in % in new column


My problem is the following:
If I have for example in column A old prices and in column B new prices and I want to see are there any price changes and if yes, how much is exactly the difference between these old and new prices in %, which would be shown in a new column C for example, what is the best way to do that?

And also, if I could mark in column B with some color (for example red) the new prices which differ from old prices more then 30%, that would be great for easy spotting in a huge list.

Thanks in advance!


You can enter =B10-A10 in C10 to get the difference between the new and old price there. You will probably need another column for testing the price increase: in D10 enter =(C10/A10)*100. Then select the used cells in the D column and select Format - Conditional formatting, set Cell value to Not between, enter 30 in the fields to the right, assign a style for the cells that meet the condition and modify the formatting details of that style to your needs, like set Font color to Red.

Yeah, but I trough there is maybe a faster way to do that, with some formula, which would calculate automatically the difference and mark these prices in red. I mean, it would be great to have something like that for the finance purposes.

Anyway, thanks! :slight_smile: