Compare two spreadsheets via command line

Hi everyone,

I’d like to be able to compare 2 spreadsheets and open that comparison window via the command line. This mean, I do not want to go to edit > track changes > compare document. Instead, it would be great, if there was an option to open the diff directly via command line parameters. Ideally, I would run a command similar to this one:

libreoffice.calc --diff ./file1.xlsx ./file2.xlsx

And it takes me straight to the diff view.
Is that possible? I looked through the command line options and could not find something similar.

Thanks in advance,

Would upvote, but need 5 points first!! Anyway, yes, this is very important for building tools that automate the file comparison, especially to launch directly out of git (i.e. you can get the git diff command to launch directly to the diff view without needing to create your own temp files out of each commit, etc.). Note - same issue for merging from git if it finds a conflict when attempting to merge.