Compatibility with Ms Excel

When opening an excel file made under windows in Libreoffice Calc things will not be as it is in original excel file. Fonts are larger and different, borders are much thinker, hidden rows or columns are not accessed but shown as corrupted area in the sheet, and filters are not functioning not appearing ! Is there away to simply use Libreoffice without the need to go and use Ms office?

I can’t see how the fact that XLS export is not perfect relates to your question (can I use LO alone?). You should point out which functionalities you can’t find in LO, so we can help you and find them. But as a general answer, I would say : yes, of course, you can use LO alone (as I do).

Sure you can use LO alone, but as long as you are not exchanging files with windows platforms. If you need to send a file or receive a file from any windows user then I’m pretty sure you will face a frustrating results that makes you think twice before trying it again.

Does this mean you are under Linux? If yes, the problem can be that you don’t have the right fonts (eg : Times New Roman), but you can install them. Under Ubuntu, the package is ttf-mscorefonts-installer. I exchange files with lots of people under Windows, I have never been frustrated but once.

Yes,I’m Under Linux and trying more than hard not to shift back. I thought of the fonts, but the basic fonts are there.The problem is when I open old excel files built in windows, it will be very bad.This goes with writer as well.I tried to file a bug more than once, nothing happened.can u help pls?

This is not the first time. I’ve filed two bugs 56960 & 56961. one for spreadsheet and one for writer, but this time I did not attach screenshots as I was doing before.

I looked at the bug 56960. I don’t know how your file should look like, but I can guarantee the five sheets are there at least using LO 3.6.2 (Summary, Contact, Pipeline Opportunity details, Action).

Current status of fdo#56960 is NEEDINFO

Current status of fdo#56961 is NEW

Current status of fdo#56960 is NEEDINFO

Current status of fdo#56961 is NEW

XLS(X) is a proprietary format. LibO developers are doing their best for compatibility with MS Office formats. But some problems may occur. If you have so many troubles with your files, please report a bug with detailed description, LibO, MSO and OS versions, example files and screenshots (if available).

XLS might be a proprietary format, but XLSX is based on Office Open XML which is described by standards ECMA-376 and ISO/IEC 29500.

Each of the problems that you mention are separate issues unto themselves. If there is no proprietary information in the spreadsheet, then please post it on a file-sharing website and post a link. I will look at the document and help identify all the individual issues which we will solve one-by-one. Perhaps we will file bugs to help improve LO in the future as well.