compile / build LO single-threaded


i’m just experimenting with building and debugging LO by myself, works so far but is somewhat ‘unhandy’ with threading, looks as e.g. calc is in an ‘input waiting / processing loop’ most of the time, while activities that I would like to see are handled in ‘new threads’ and finished before I can catch them with gdb.

from some investigation it’s commonly ‘not so easy’ to debug multi threaded programs, and should be possible to build them with “–enable-threads=single” instead.

just i didn’t find where to provide this option, config.log says “configured with: … --enable-threads=posix …”, but i couldn’t find where this option is thrown in.

any help appreciated :slight_smile:

pls. do not!:

  • tell me this is a ‘user forum’ - i know that, asking here in an attempt not to ‘flood’ bugs with newbie questions (and to ‘spread the word’ for others),

  • tell me i should stay away from things outside my knowledge - i KNOW! that, and there is almost nothing I would like to do better than to avoid this nagging, but the slow progress in handling of bugs and my interest in using LibreOffice and! improving it for others leads me to try this hard way,

  • tell me that a single threaded build will react differently than the ‘real program’, that not all errors will occur there, but possibly others, that it will run slower - that’s all (almost) perfectly clear to me, what I am interested in is to be able to nail down simple logical errors, and to be able to understand the ‘flow’ of the data and the building of the structures, because this is not really easy with the documentation i have found so far, and does not! result self-explanatory from the source code. at least not for me …

a hint for a debugging suite or IDE working harmonic with LO would be nice, i had problems to configure ddd to a readable font size on a high-res display,

pls. do not!:

  • tell me this is a ‘user forum’

asking here in an attempt not to ‘flood’ bugs

This is a ‘user forum’. You know, I just can’t answer differently. (And btw, this is not a “forum” actually; Q&A site is different.) For development questions, there are dedicated channels; and bugs is not one of them, so yes, by all means please don’t try to flood bugs with questions of this kind; but also don’t flood AskLibO with those. The proper channels (and they are intended, among other things, for newbie questions) are #libreoffice-dev on Freenode, and mailing list. See here for more information.

hello @Mike2,

your comments are, as always, heartwarming and stirring…

thanks for the hints to the developer pages, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer to the actual question there. Do you know the answer?

Is it possible to compile and build LibreOffice ‘unthreaded’ or ‘single-threaded’?

I found a - try? - by Werner Koch from 2015-06-15 in the changelog to implement an option ‘–disable-threads’, but could neither nor configure or make get to accept it …

since such a possibility could lower the threshold for me and! other users to actively contribute to the development (which imho makes sense because of the few active developers) by making debugging somewhat easier, and as i have seen some more compile / build questions around, and as mailing lists are not my favourite medium … i try to continue the discussion here - sorry if this is not what you think.



Yes I know. But I would only answer it on a dedicated channel. I haven’t seen you appearing on #libreoffice-dev, or writing to the mailing list yet.