Compiler or HTML converter for Calc?

There are various products that allow Excel spreadsheets complete with charts to be either compiled to a stand alone application or converted into HTML code. Is there anything like this for Calc?

What is wrong with LibO’s ‘Save As…’ > ‘HTML (Calc)’ option? Of course, no softawre can export functionality to HTML that is not basically supported by html interpreters (browser engines).

(I don’t know “compiled excel files” from my practise.) Is “compiled” Excel capable of running on (next to) any system? Or: On how many / much specialised dll / runtime stuff does it depend?

Hi Lupp, nice to see your here, and thanks for your comment.

What I want to do is to create a web page that contains an interactive spreadsheet and chart, so that users could change some values on the spreadsheet and see the effects on the chart.

This functionality is not supported by HTML and I don’t use Excel. I realise that it is not a simple thing and that probably javascript is the solution, but I was hoping that there might be an easy answer!

I cannot think of an easy answer, and even for explaining why, I would need more time than I can spare these days.
The problem isn’t Calc in the first place, of course, but the needed server-side software. As a decisive non-user of Excel I cannot tell for sure, but it seems it’s the same problem with Excel, and there are commercial software vendors supplying the server-side part.