Compiles to 64-bits APK is possible with current Libreoffice source code?

Currently I’m trying to build and compile the Libreoffice to 64 bits apk, following the step by:

The x86 version is fine to work on the x86 version virtual device, at least it wouldn’t crash by adding files.

But when I compile to 64-bits apk by adding text below into the build.gradle file. :

ndk { abiFilters 'arm64-v8a', 'x86_64' }

After build with strippedUIDebug variant, I get 4 apk file :





But when I run x86_64-debug.apk both on my current device and 64 bits virtual device, it will get crash by just adding a new file.

I know the current libreoffice for android still use the c/c++ native code, and in the jniLibs just contains x86 directory.

I want to know if there have any way to update the .so files that under the x86 directory, or just let me know that is impossible to compile 64 bits apk with current source code.

I was being search for this question about few weeks and still can’t find the answer, hope someone can help.

Thanks for your time to read my whole question.


This is Japanese Ask LibreOffice, I think English Ask LibreOffice will give you a more appropriate answer.

Thank you for the notice, I don’t know why I’m get into Japanese forum…