Completely uninstalling LibreOffice in Fedora Linux

I’m a part time user of Fedora Linux but use LibreOffice a lot.
On a system running Fedora 6.5.5-200.fc38.x86_64, I have multiple versions of Libreoffice ( and 7.6.1). I’m trying to clean things up and tried to remove all versions of the software.
I have tried “dnf remove”, “apt-get --purge remove” and some other commands I found in the Wiki for other versions of Linux. None seem to work.
I’ve checked the data base and there is nothing to match the versions that I have installed.
Any help would be appreciated

? You guess the commands?
I found “erase” instead of remove for dnf.
Forget apt, as fedora is rpm-based. Apt is for debian-packages.
Are both versions working in parallel, or will the starter for 7.5 also start version 7.6 ?
Can one of the two version be an appimage/flatpack/snap. As this containers are not really integrated you may have two versions then. Good, if this was your idea, not so good if you have to get rid of them again…

I did not guess the commands.
I have checked if the software was a flatpak and it doesn’t appear in the list (flatpak list). I have starters for both versions and each starter brings up the appropriate version. Both version can be used individually but, as I mentioned, I would like to clean up the environment and start anew.
Any ideas or procedures you can suggest given the circumstances? Is there any other info that I should provide to be more helpful? Please be specific. I can’t be the first person to run into this situation. I have also tried the “dnf erase” command to no avail.

What tells you (from commandline):

which libreoffice 
  1. in case /usr/bin/libreoffice its probable the .rpm package provided by Fedora, and you should use dnf ? to uninstall.
  2. in case /opt/*/libreoffice you may remove the whole subfolder below /opt/
  3. double-check flatpak|snap for libreoffice installed from there

Seems like I found the answer on my own.

Here is what I did:

locate -i “libreoffice” | more

This showed me the location of the files for all of the versions of the application that were installed

sudo dnf erase “/opt/libreoffice”

This seems to have removed all traces of the suite.
This removed around 2GB of data and all traces of the executable programs.

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Done, thank you. Sorry for the confusion.