Complex Text Layout option not present


I had written a long document (~100 pages) in LO-writer with multiple languages - many of them using CTL (Complex text layout) like Hindi etc. When I upgraded my libreoffice to version 5.4, many of the characters (mostly Hindi letters) became a box-block. I checked the forums and I was pointed to change my language settings.

But, to my surprise the CTL (Complex text layout) settings button is frozen on my system. I am using it on MacOSX.

What should I do?

Check correct language is used for respective paragraphs. Select paragraph and check in Tools → Language. Maybe language information lost in upgrade. Also, box-blocks may be if LO did not pick up fonts right. If layout is still CTL and with box-blocks, fonts might be problem. Do you have needed fonts available in 5.4?

When I set the paragraph language setting, then itself there is no active button for CTL. That’s worrying. However, I,ve set the language locale to HIndi (No use i believe), and Language(western) to English. I cannot remmeber the font either. Since I didnt set anything manually. Just added the Inscript input method for HIndi (and Bengali, Tamil, Assamese etc) and started writing. No track of font.