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In writer with documents with lots of pics, I wish to compress size of page so I can merge into one pdf document How

It’s impossible to answer this question, since just stating “pics” doesn’t tell anything about the format of “pics” and therefore nobody can evaluate, whether these images may be already in a compressed format. And you don’t tell anything about the format you are using to save your documents. The native format of LibreOffice Writer (.odt) is already a compressed format. But many people, though absolutely discouraged, use non-native formats. Thus you should tell us a bit about your habits.

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Ok, I’ll explain as well as my limited talents will permit me. I am doing desktop publishing of a monthly car club newsletter. We I get ready to distribute it as one PDF file, I have to merge the 13 pages together into one pdf file. My merge software, Cute PDF, will not take more than 10 mgb. Some of my pages are two or three mgb’s . I wish to reduce the byte size of the pages to I can merge all 13 into one pdf file. Hence, I wish to reduce the file size of the pages by compression or whatever method Libre permits. Thanks…bobeque edited: my photos are not compressed beyond a medium resolution in email process to my computer.

Hmm - and why are you using an external PDF Creator (Cute PDF) with a limitation of 10 MB though LibreOffice can export to PDF directly all in one step without any “merging” .

I did not know that and how do I do it…? thanks edit: update I am using Cute PDF to merge pdf’;s already exported by Libre. They are individual pages of documents which I wish to merge into one file for emailing.

This confuses me now. Your are creating multiple PDF one-page documents from several LibreOffice documents , which you merge into one single PDF document using Cute PDF afterwards?

I simply wish to merge 13 pdf documents into one for emailing, but the 13 documents have more than 10 mgb of data and wont let me merge them. I wish to compress the size of the documents in Writer so I can have a total of less than 10 mgb. There is a way to compress each page rather than individual pictures. This is what I’m looking for. thanks.


  • Merge your documents into a large one. Use some help apps like Cute PDF.
  • Open your pdf file (many pages) with LibreOffice (Draw will do)
  • Export to PDF by File menu | Export as PDF
  • Check export options, especially the output resolution (and probably jpeg compression) and alter values, e.g. 75 dpi resolution.


Check also @Gilberto Schiavinatto 's answer thoroughly.


Search on the internet for compress pdf and you will find lots of possibilities, even upload solutions. If using LibreOffice you have most control over your documents…

I agree with Grantler, the option File menu | Export as PDF, gives you possibilities to manage many things and works for me.

Hello @bobeq, you can compress the image individually, select the image, right click on compress, in pictures with transparent does not work.

image description

image description

It compresses the image according to the size used in the document.

If you skew the image, use undo

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Just to mention: OP still did not tell anything about the format of his “pics”