"Compressing" columns?


In a “Calc” document I have several columns that contain data that I don’t really “need” to see. They are important enough to keep them in case I want to check them at some point, but for the sake of clarity and readability of the rest of the content (the part that actually matters), I’d rather have them hidden.

A very simple solution of course is to just resize the columns that I don’t care about, make them very narrow, thus pretty much making them disappear. I’m wondering if there is some “neater” option though, something like “press this button to show hidden columns/hide these columns” or something like that.


Thanks. It’s very close to what I’d ideally have, but unfortunately it hides the columns a bit too well :smiley: What I mean is, it doesn’t seem to leave a hint that there is something hidden (aside from the fact that there are missing letters in the columns list, so for example if I hide the first three columns then the first column is column D and I can guess that A+B+C are being hidden. I need to pay attention to that though, it’s not immediately noticeable at a quick glance).

Ideally I’d like a sort of “toggle button” to show/hide them with one click. Is there such a thing?

Hide but still see? Believe it or not, this is also there - F12 :smiley: