Compute an interest rate


I would like to do something probably quite simple, but I don’t know the financial functions of LO.

I would like, given two columns of data:
100 01/01/2023
50 01/02/2023
80 01/03/2023

and given a valuation on 01/01/2024 at for example 255, calculate the rate of this investment if it had been made in a savings account.

I see some interesting things here : Financial functions - Part 2 but without being able to converge to a solution.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Your sample data make no sense.

Do you mind to elaborate?

You pay 100. Next month you pay 50 and then 80. And somehow you get to 255 in 2024. This sequence makes no sense to me.

Or maybe you start with 100 in a volatile market and one year later the value is 255. Then 255/100*100 =255% pa

XIRR is your friend here, if I understand your post correctly. And you have to enter the Jan 1, 2024 value with a negative sign.
xirr.ods (9.6 KB)

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See also Financial Functions Part Three.

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Thank you, it is what I was looking for!