Computer crash lost document, can I retrieve from another computer with internet connection?

I have the LibreOffice 7.3 using MacOS Catalina. I was working on a very important document that I have put several hours in to. The document name is: S of F contacts.odt. The computer crashed (hard drive issues) and now that computer is unusable. So I went to my other laptop and brought up LibreOffice but I suspect it is totally separate from the other one because it appears to me since the document isn’t there that LibreOffice isn’t capable where I can retrieve any of my documents from any computer with a internet connection. Since I gave you guys the document name is it possible that you could retrieve that document for me?



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It hits me on the mind and I think that’s the reason why I do not understand your question correctly. Sorry.
Can you please expand your explanations. Please edit your question.
Please remember that we do not know your storage locations. Thank you.

If you didn’t save your file yourself elsewhere may it be “in the cloud” or a USB-device then the only version is on the hard-disk / ssd on the unusable computer.
If it is necessary to retreive this file I’d suggest to seek professional help - and ask there also how to set up regular backups on other devices.

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In addition to Wanderer:

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