Concatenate currency input with number and treat as currency

Is it possible to concatenate currency input with number that is the result of a formula without relying on a intermediary cell? Example: cells have the format e.g. “$55 (26)” which means $55 due in 26 days. I just want to enter “55” and it should have the prefix $ and ideally be treated as a currency so I can sum up the dollar amounts of the cells. 26 days is the result of a formula returning a number.

What I’m looking for is $<user-input to be treated as currency> (<number output of formula>). I can have one column for the dollar amount and another column for number of dates, but grouping them in this context is more intuitive for me. Also just curious if this can be done.


AFAIK you can’t do that since you got no control on the input interpretation algorithm (and by the way: I’d consider your more intuitive approach as poor spreadsheet design). Have a separate column for currency, have an additional column for “due in” days and you may - for your personal preference - have a column showing everything in the way you want (using something like ="$" & A2 & " (" & B2 & ")" assuming that cell A2 contains the currency value and cell B2 contains the due-in-days value; B2 may be replaced by the calculation of due-in-days itself and this way saving extra column B).

… and the two adjacent cells might together look like what OP wants:

    A        B    
   $55     (26)