Concatenate Footnotes?

Can we concatenate footnotes? I want multiple short notes to appear on the same line.

Do you want these short notes to keep the anchor (= reference number)?

Stated otherwise, you’d like the footnote area to be multi-column?

Yeah. Multi-column. But I just decided to squish the line spacing and use a compressed for now. Other solutions are too complex for my current time constraints. Thanks!

Unfortunately, there is presently no way to “isolate” footnote area in a section you could configure with a different number of colums. Foot area is simply a part of the main area dynamically allocated for footnotes.


This question has been answered here and here. No, it can’t be done automatically, at least not yet. You would need to use some sort of manual workaround with cross-references.

Formatting footnotes is described here and here.

Thanks! LMark