Concatenate multiple named criteria using "AdvancedFilter" ?

I have a large sheet that I need to look at several different ways. There are multiple different simple criteria which I may or may not use for any particular selection - and I need to use them in different combinations. The exact final filter depends on what I see after applying initial filter(s) and I will be iterating through different selections multiple time. There could easily be a dozen different “final” filters if I need to build a new filter each time I walk through various permutations of the simple criteria. IOW, I first apply a filter, take a look, then add another filter (chosen from several simple named criteria depending on what I see in the previous selection) to refine the selection. I think another way to say it is that I want to logical-AND previously selected filter(s) with an additional one I apply using the Advanced Filter dialog or some other means.

The “More Filters” menu displays a “Reset” item which I had hoped meant that one could simple add on named criteria to further refine a selection - without canceling out presently active criteria, but rather building on them. However, this does not seem to be the way it works.

Thanks for ideas.

[use] advanced filters

That’s how I’ve been doing it. When applying another named filter using the “Advanced…” dialog it does not refine the existing filter results but appears to perform “Reset…”, thus clearing the existing selection, and then applies the filter. I wish to build on, refine, the current selection without clearing the filter(s) that made the existing selection. I don’t know if this is possible and have not been able to find anything remotely on topic.

I think the way to do that it’s use an advanced filter, which allow selecting named ranges for every filter.

Advanced filters

Define names for ranges