Conditiional Format "color" is not visable on the spreadsheet

When I apply a Conditional Format to a cell containing a specific word, the color I designate for the cell does not show on the spreadsheet.

Can someone give me guidance on the proper steps to take?

Thanks . . .

Why do you need the Tags “common” and “text”.

I suspect your question is about Calc, or?

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How to apply a Color Scale Conditional Formatting


I figured it out thru trial and error! It’s very simple and I was surprised someone didn’t respond with the process as I’m about to present.

  1. Click on the cells, columns or specific range you want to apply “Conditional Formatting” to.
  2. Click on the Conditional Format drop down menu
  3. Click on “CONDITION”
  4. Where it opens make sure Condition 1 shows “Cell Value Is”!
  5. Click the 1st drop down menu and click on “CONTAINS”.
  6. In the blank to the right enter the specific word, number, date, etc you want to apply the condition to.
  7. Tab to the “Apply Style” drop down menu, hit the arrow and select “NEW STYLE”
  8. It will open to the Cell Style Page, and the Organizer Tab. In the Name Box, give the Condition a name.
  9. Select the BACKGROUND Tab, then the COLOR Tab, then select the COLOR you want for the specific Condition.
  10. Hit OK and you are DONE!