Conditional format disappear

hi all,
i’m new to this forum.

i’m using LibreOfficePortable program.

i’m creating a calc document and i’m using a macro.

On a sheet i’ve set a conditional format. 5 conditional formats on each cell.

It’s all ok until i save and load the sheet.

But when a macro do a change, they disappear.

The macro start from another sheet.

The macro don’t change all the cells, but only someone of them.
Result, the conditional format disappear from all of them.

can someone help me ?
thanks a lot.

Can you post your operating system and your LibreOffice version? Do you save in the native file type .ods?, Can you also post the part of the macro changing the cells?. This can do easier get help.

My operating system is WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION SP3. LibreOffice (Portable) Version Yes is in the native file type. every sheet use the same macro put on sheet events SheetContentChange.

This is an example of instruction that i use in the macro
wSheet.getCellByPosition(wSheet.getCellRangeByName(“ActivitiesID”).getRangeAddress().StartColumn, row).Value = oCallingCell.Value

Conditional formatting in the Calc application of LibreOffice 4.0.2 on Windows 7 64bit that I copy from one sheet to another sheet also disappears on save when I reload the spreadsheet.

Likewise, when I copy a sheet with the conditional formatting, after a save and reload, the conditional formatting is not there, but the formulas and values are.

I have tried using the format painter, but that won’t copy conditional formatting across sheets (it did in 3). I have tried Copy, then Paste Special with only Formatting selected, and the formatting is copied, as verified by looking in Format | Conditional Formatting | Manage… But on a save, close, reopen, that conditional formatting is gone.

However, if I make the formatting from scratch on the page for a cell, and then use the format brush to fill a partial column, and then save, when I reload the sheet the formatting sticks.

Fortunately, the conditional formatting isn’t too complicated to recreate, but it sure is a nuisance when you think you got the conditional formatting correct and the next day you update the file it is gone. :frowning:

Looks like the bug I encountered is already listed: (which I updated to show that it also exists in on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit).

I have the same issue with OSX- that I cannot copy/past conditional formatting.
I have a fairly large document with color scales applied to several columns, and need to extend that formatting to newly added rows. Looks like I would need to start over selecting all the cells in a column and redefine the color scales.