Conditional format : each row each cell

How do I create Conditional Formatting – (individual rows)to color code each cell: If cell is Less than prev cell = light RED or if cell is Greater than prev cell = light Green how can I write this for each Row / cell ?

also how do I copy conditional format and implement into row:cell without overriding data in cell. Or do I need to implement formula conditional format before entering data into cell.

thank you in advance

see document
conditional format each row each cell 02-13-2017.ods

  1. To create the conditional formatting you need:

a. Select e.g. C6, then Format->Conditional Formatting->Condition...

b. Cell value is - greater than - D6 - Apply style - New Style... → create a style with green background.

c. AddCell value is - less than - D6 - Apply style - New Style... → create a style with red background.

The above has created conditional formatting dependent on value of previous cell.

  1. To apply this to required range: at the bottom of the dialog (that we haven’t closed yet) is Cell Range area; press Shrink button and select the area you need. Then Expand and press OK.

This copies the formatting, and automatically makes it to depend on previous cell value.

Perfect THANK YOU!

Select B7:N40 and define two conditions:

  1. Cell value … less than … B6 your red Style
  2. Cell value … greater than … B6 your green Style