Conditional formating changes cell formating

At work we used MS office to collect information. Last year we switched to LibreOffice and some of the Excel files were opened with calc and just saved as .ods file to save time.

In this (former Excel, now) calc table the cell formating is changed to a different type when conditional formating applies. So even the conditional formating changes only the background and font colour, it also changes how the content of the cell is displayed.

I tried to replicate this with a new .ods file, but I can’t so I guess it’s not a bug in LibreOffice, but rather some setting in the file itself.

My question: Is there a setting or an option in LibreOffice that causes this format change?


.ods file:
conditional formating changes cell value.ods (9.6 KB)

conditional formating changes cell value.ods (9,4 KB)

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