Conditional Formatting Assistance

Hello Everyone,
First of all, let me take the chance to thank each one of your for reading my post and assisting me with my dilemma.

I require assistance with a conditional formatting formula.
I want to parse each word or segment in my spreadsheet so that only vowels and semivowels (a, e, i, o, u, y, and w) are made bold.

For example, if my spreadsheet contains these words, I want them to show up in the spreadsheet automatically as such:

  1. star → st(a)r
  2. hap-py → h(a)p-p(y)
  3. birth-day → b(i)rth d(ay)
  4. wel-come → w(e)l-c(o)m(e)
  5. in-for-ma-tion → (i)n-f(o)r-m(a)-t(io)n

If someone could please assist me with this, I would be more than grateful.

Thanks again!

Hi, in my view this is no conditional formatting but more a kind of FIND&REPLACE.
I only can tell you a workaround:

Copy your spreadsheet and paste it into a Writer document (Paste Special as HTML or RFT). This is now a Writer table.

In Writer:

Activate: Regular Expressions

SEARCH/SEARCH ALL: a|e|i|o|u|y|w (You have to use the pipe character which can be created with shortcut AltGr+<)

REPLACE: (nothing)

Click bold and each of the characters you have found gets bold. Copy the entire table and paste (Paste Speciial) as RTF into Calc. The bold characters remain bold. For large tables this is a cumbersome method but it worked.


Why does this method not work in Calc? I tried out, but did not succeed. In Calc the entire words/cells got bold.

Thank you so much. I cannot be happier with the results. :smiley: