Conditional formatting / highlighting removing date display

Hello! My first post here!

I’ve got a simple spreadsheet I’d like to use for a todo list. It’s got some conditional formatting so that certain things (dates, priority by letter, an ‘x’ to indicate done) will highlight the row.

I’d like to retain this functionality, but what’s happening is that any of the conditional format rules seem to change the dates displayed into something else, I’m not sure what. It doesn’t seem to be rendering the information as a math formula, and when I go to the cell, it still seems to have date formatting.

I’m not sure if this is something to fix within Librecalc or if there’s an issue with the conditional formatting!

I did find this as a possible example, but I’d love to discover a method that wasn’t excluding the dates from the formatting! Time format fails on conditional formatting

Below is a screenshot example. I will also attach the spreadsheet itself!

GTD_template(1).ods (89.7 KB)

Change CF81 cell style number format to Date.

I’m not sure what you mean! In which conditional formatting section should I change this?

Or do you mean in the cells themselves? The cells are retaining the date format, but for some reason it’s not displaying that way.

@jmehmel ,
I can’t explain why it is the way it is, but I’ll tell you how to correct it.

Go to the Default cell template and edit it:
Screenshot_002 - 2022

Go to the Numbers tab and click Default at the bottom of the dialog box:

You’ve repaired column D with this.

You then carry out the same steps with the cell template cf70 so that column H is also correct.


Thank you so much! I appreciate the help!