Conditional formatting of cell with decimal value is evaluated wrong

Dear LibreOffice community,

I am a bit stuck with trying to make the conditionnal formatting cooperate.

When I try to compare B6 (2.8072) content to B3 (2.8080) Libre office is convinced B6 is greater than B3. Where I am pretty sure it is smaller. See first picture bellow.

If I tell libreoffice to compare the opposite (greater than) it thinks it is true. See second picture.

But if I input the value of B3 directly in the formula (2.8080) now it thinks it is “less than”, which it is…

What do you think could be the source of this misinterpretation from the formating tool ?

What is in B3? Is it a number 2.8080, or a text "2.8080"?

Hi, B3 is a number that is the result of a formula =INDIRECT(CONCAT("$’",B1,"’.",“B12”))
It is fetched from another sheet by mean of indirect(sheet_name.cell_name).

Then what is in that cell that is referenced by INDIRECT?

Does Value Highlighting really show number there in B3?

A sample ODS would show more than a thousand words.

Value highlighting seems to tell all is correct


Attached is my ODS file that cause me the trouble.

It is in sheet CAPA, Cell B6 conditional formating.

ODS_share_error.ods (441.8 KB)

Conditional formatting will not work if AutoCalculate is not enabled.

Screenshot_001 - 2022


PKG you are a true legend my sir !

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Also mentioned in the help.