Conditional formatting of range in reference to cell in the same column

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with conditional formatting. I am a teacher and organize my grades in calc. For a written exam the points are added and the grade is calculated automatically.

I want to get warned if I type a wrong value in a cell, specifically, if a student has more points than the max achievable points in this exercise.

I added a screenshot for clarification.

What I would like is that all cell values in the range of C5:C37 are compared to the cell value of C3, and if the value is bigger the format should be applied. Columns D-AG accordingly.
Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to do so. Maybe some of you can help,

Thank you very much!

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Thank you!
This is indeed exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately now there is a consequent problem, that there seems to be a hierarchy in the conditional formatting.
The colours of the rows (grey every second row) are set with conditional formatting as well. Now if a cell should get the warn style, it only works in the white rows.
I can’t see how I can change the order of the conditional formatting. Do I have to delete the formatting for the rows add the conditional formatting for the warning and then re-add the formatting for the rows?

Thank you!


right of Add and Delete there are the Buttons: Up and Down

Ah, I guess the problem is the formatting is for different cell ranges:

Here is no Up or Down button.

Yes …obviously you need at least 2 Conditions for the same Range:

No, that can’t be it.

First create the condition for the smaller area!

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@karolus , according to your messages, we are learning not only LibreOffice and Python, but also German and Persian. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sokol92 yes, Persian script looks beautiful, and unfortunately that’s all I’ll ever learn about it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you guys!
Fixed it :slight_smile: