Conditional formatting: Possible bug in Calc 24.2

So I have this document with some conditional formatting.

The condition setting the italic text is working in, but (using the same document) the italic text is not shown in

This is a capture of the document opened in both Calc and under Windows 10:

Every other row shows a grayish background through the formula


Which applies the gray background style.

Then there is another formula which italitices the text in the row if the text “CP”, “EB” or “NP” is present in the column C applying a new style which adds italics text to the one applied by the formula above:


Same thing happens with styles that make the row white applying the white background counterparts of the above styles with




Is this a bug?

If formatting changes between versions, it might be a bug but without a sample it is guesswork.
Recreating the sheet, I don’t see a difference (although I didn’t apply a white background):
ConditionalItalics.ods (20.4 KB)

There is no “adding” of anything to an existing formatting in Calc. When you apply a style, it has 100% of formatting for a cell; i.e., your italicized style must contain also the coloring. This is an unfortunate limitation, but it has always been this way.
And of course, the order of entries matters.
What is the file format? Could e.g. the order of entries be changed in e.f. XLSX import?

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The file is in ods format.

I did already try it, but changing the order doesn’t work in my file. @Earnest file, however, works, even adding a new style for white rows.

The thing is that the same file shows italics in version but not in

Maybe the newest version handles conditions in a different way or something like that…

I can recreate the appearance of your screenshot by simply moving my Condition 3 and your new Condition 4 up to the first and second position.

Note that if the conditions are separate in the first Conditional screen Manage Conditional Formats, they cannot be moved, they have to be deleted and recreated in the new position, tdf#126047. If you have other overlapping conditions (red formatting?) then the order in the first screen can still affect the conditions you defined.
Can you provide a sample that works in but doesn’t in

I have finally found the issue.

It turns out that the white/gray styles were applied to a certain cell range because that was the default look I wanted for the whole table.

But the italic styles were apllied to different ranges because the table had four separate parts and I wanted Calc to use the italic styles depending on the values of columns that were different in each part of the table.

This mix of ranges is what was voiding the italics styles. If I set both the gray/white and gray/white italic styles to the same range of cells and place the italics styles above the white/gray ones, then it works.

So, problem solved.

It’s still worth noticing that the handling of the conditions on conditional formatting is different in 7.6 and 24.2.

Thanks everyone who took interest in this.

And that’s most likely a bug.

Good to know.

Should I report it or will this thread work as a bug report?

Report it.



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Thanks for reporting the bug; a fix by Mike will be in the second RC of release 24.2.2.