Conditional formatting

I wish to create a list of football results showing green for a win, orange for a draw and red for a defeat.
I use 3 columns for the result, col1 for the home score, col3 for the away teams score and the central column for the colour.
My problem is that when I use conditional formatting, all 3 colours work fine BUT for the matches yet to be played. Because there is nothing in the col1 and nothing in col3, the central column shows orange ( both score columns being equal, as in a draw.)
Is there any way empty columns can be formatted so the central column show no colour for the games not yet played.
It must be relevant to empty cells as entering 0-0 shows as a draw.
Thanks for any help

You surely created a condition in the ‘Formula is’ mode. It may look like ($D2=$F2), and the cell style to apply under this condition may be cfOrange. To accomplish the exclusion of rows with blank cells you don’t need an extra condition. Just complete the already defined condition. It should look then like
($D2=$F2)*($D2<>"")*($F2<>"") or like
AND(D2=$F2;$D2<>"";$F2<>"") .

Brilliant Lupp. Many thanks for your help