Conditional printing in base for dummies

How do I hide fields if they are empty / show fields that isn’t empty and/or being displayed if other field is empty or not?

the manual says

causes the content of the named field to be displayed only if it is true.

what should be true?
this is the only explanation in the manual.

I’ve realized that it’s ISBLANK is the command I’m looking for, but “ISBLANK(Ported from) / ISBLANK(Portedfrom)” (created in wizard) isn’t what the manual say, and it’s not working, the label isn’t showing, regardless if cell “Ported from” is empty or not…

Seems you haven’t read the whole chapter. There is also a database added.

Field names must always be set in []. So [“Ported from”] has to be set in your example. So could be

["Ported from"] <> ""

is working for you.

Note: I have created the description for the Report Builder. I have created it all with trial and error, because there hasn’t been a description before. So: Try it and answer here, if it is working.

@RobertG it’s working, but I don’t understand why, what’s the point of the wizard?

and the stuff I wrote, was what it said in the pdf file… maybe it was outdated?

is there any valid online manual for base?

I had created in Germany “Base Handbuch”. This has been translated into English, but the English version here English Base Guide and other guides is a translation form Base Handbuch for LO 5.0 or something else. The chapter about reports is about 40 pages there and about 50 pages in the German Base Handbuch 7.2.

When I look into the English description I will find all I have written in the first comment: Setting fields into square brackets and setting field names quoted is written there on page 260.

The wizard for the field seems to be only a little “copy” of the wizard for Calc. I haven’t tested the results of the wizard for showing and hiding fields.

@RobertG got a link to the newest English & German?

Englaish Base Guide 6.4 and German Base Handbuch 7.2

@RobertG Danke schön!