Conditional text field in a form from a database

I’m trying to put a conditional text field in a form for a database without success.

I’ve inserted a field (functions > conditional text) and added the condition ‘RA_db.Jobs.haz2 == 1’ as the condition referencing a tinyint value in the database which is linked to a checkbox on the same form, the ‘THEN’ and ‘ELSE’ appropriately filed but nothing occurs.

The checkbox alters the database value as I’ve got an additional textbox that references the same database field in the form and that does change.

I’ve tried many combinations but nothing seems to work. Are conditional text fields meant to work in forms, updating as I change options on a form?

Any guidance would be appreciated.



Conditional text has nothing to do with forms. It is a part of a writer document. Will be used by form letters (mail merge) but not as a part for a form, which is needed for input data.

So conditional text cannot be used in a form?

The manual appears misleading, it describes the use of database queries in conditional text:

And I thought a form was just a typical document, Writer or otherwise, that could draw in data from the database?

Conditional formatting with a database value will work with values, which are already saved in the database. Forms are in most cases used for adding, changing or searching for data.

The link to the help contains nothing about forms together with conditional formatting. It shows only the possibility to use a datasource for the condition of some text, which should appear or should be hidden.