Conditionally change data range of a chart in CALC?

Is there a way to make a chart inside a CALC sheet change the cell range that it displays, depending on a condition?
It seems only ordinary cell ranges are allowed in the data range and series range input masks. There is a format checker in place.

I am not sure if I understand well what you mean, but I have a spreadsheet with which I analyze output data from a computational code:

  1. sheet_1 is linked to a csv file (the output from the computational code)
  2. sheet_2 shows a chart and a drop-down list allowing to choose which line from sheet_1 to be drawn on the graph;
  3. sheet_3 extract from sheet_1 the list of available data to feed the drop_down list

The chart take its values from a copy of the data defined by the value selected in the drop-down list. The copy is made using INDIRECT function.

I can send you the file if what I described is corresponding to what you want to do.

Mercy, Jean-Baptiste! - You have well understood my question. My misunderstanding was, that I tried to enter a formula into the range of the chart, when I should have pointed to a fixed region and change its content, I think, I would gladly see your examples! Again my thanks!

You can find my example here:

Do not try to update the linked data when opening the file (data sheet linked to a csv file)

This is not an answer to the question but a hint that there can be problems occur with the customization of the chart layout.

Please have a look at: