Conditions if/or: Bug or human error?


Not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if I hit a bug: With (the german versions of) LO Calc and, =IF(OR(NOT(ISEMPTY(A1)));NOT(ISEMPTY(A2))) returns TRUE only when A1 AND A2 are not empty, just as =IF(AND(NOT(ISEMPTY(A1)));NOT(ISEMPTY(A2))).


Please help^^

Please clarify - do you need to compare cells in a column, one under the other, as it is written in the formulas in the text of the question, or two adjacent cells in a row, as in the screenshot?

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An unrelated question: why do you use the IF here? =OR(NOT(ISBLANK(A1));NOT(ISBLANK(A2))) will give you the result.

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…or just =AND((A3<>"");(B3<>""))?

@mikekaganski mikekaganski:
Thank you, solved!

@JohnSUN: Sorry, translation error!

Seeing that the answer from @mikekaganski was what you were after (which I also thought you had meant), the cause of your seemingly faulty formula result is a mistake in bracketing. IOW, human error, not a bug.


Here, the OR function call (ODER) is closed after the first argument. The second NICHT(ISTLEER(...)) becomes the return value of the IF function (WENN) instead of the last OR-ed condition.


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