configure email

  1. When reopening a file, the message advises me that user Host ( My Name ) needs the be closed down and that the file is locked. I open that file in “edit” mode to proceed.

How to rid myself of this annoyance ?

I’ve never opened LO on my phone and have not subscribed to T-Mobil in many years.

Has anyone useful insights on how to delete an unused host ?

Thank you !


OS 10.14.6 / LO / FireFox 69.0 / Epson WorkForce WF-7710

Unfortunately you are not providing the message exactly as you see it, and use your own words to describe to others - a very bad practice, allowing for small errors in communication the problem, and for omission of what might seem irrelevant to you, but be crucial in reality. Most possibly what you see has nothing to do with email, but is a message about some previous crash that had left a lockfile for a document, and is telling you the user name and computer name which were used last time when editing the document; so the problem is likely not the correct user and computer name (which is “”? You don’t have to login to any service to have your computer named like that), but why did the application crash?