configure for envelope in LO 4.2

I’m using LinuxMint 17 with Libreoffice 4.2. My printer is an epson wf 2660 I can print fine regular paper, but it will not show me and print to envelope, even though I change the paper to envelope. What do I need to do to print to envelope from the writer LO side?

That is a very old version of LO. Consider upgrading. Then use menu to insert envelope via Insert->Envelope.

upgraded, now at 5.x, but the printing is still the same, it doesn’t preview envelope or give me the option for enve,opes

@phantom21 5.x is not a version which can be associated with. v5.4.5.1 is.

First see this post → click here.

If that doesn’t help, see this post → click here and its’ comments.

Upgraded to LO 6.4, but it still won’t print an envelope. Do I need to reinstall the printer in some way for it to understand envelopes? When I go to print it shows the envelope info (address stuff) as a standard full page letter, not an envelope, and I’ve tried selecting an envelope format

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There is no such version currently in LO.


You haven’t stated what envelope you are trying to print, the proces you used or the correct LO version you are using.

See this post how do i print an envelope and substitute your envelope for the A9 it is discussing.