./configure - wsd folder - ${MASTER} - wrong path

Hi everyone,

1 LibreOffice Online WebSocket server  
2 ====================================  
40     ./configure --enable-silent-rules --with-lokit-path=${MASTER}/include \
41                 --with-lo-path=${MASTER}/instdir --enable-debug
42     make
45 where ${MASTER} is the location of the LibreOffice source tree.

I’ve tried to build a libreOffice Online but within the process for Online I don’t understand what path I’ve to use in ${MASTER}.
I already read the README document in wsd folder but I don’t understand what’s “location of LibreOffice source tree” want to mean.

  • I built without problems libreoffice’s core. The path for this folder is: /home/user/libreoffice/core
  • I downloaded the Online repo and the path for this folder is: /home/user/libreoffice/online

Now, I need to do the configuration but this step is not clear to me.

I saw that there is a folder named instdir inside the core folder and other named include inside the /online/bundled

So, the path I need to use is:

--with-lokit-path=/home/user/libreoffice/online/bundled/include --with-lo-path=/home/user/libreoffice/core/instdir

Is this correct?

Anyone could clarify this question to me, pls?

Thanks in advance