Conflict between styles and formatting

Running LibreOffice Version:
Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10

This is a question about Writer.
In a newsletter I edit, styles are used to create a consistent look. There is an apparent conflict between the style conditions and other formatting. How do I delete the random formatting. I use the previous edition of the newsletter for the graphics and the layout. That means erasing content from the previous edition and inserting ASCII text in its place for the new edition. Then I use the document styles to format the ascii text.

Every edition the paragraph style is overridden by paragraph indent throughout the document. An equal amount of “Before text” and “First line” indent are added to every paragraph, where none exists in the style. I can manually override that by changing the values to 0, though often when words are moved around in the paragraph during editing, those same indent values will re-appear.

How do I delete the culprit formatting statements without seeing where they are? I tried selecting all of the document and choosing " Clear formatting" to start over. It does not clear that formatting.

Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+M should do. Not sure what is holding you there. Can you make sure you don’t have any numbering or bullets applied?

If the tips from @alvarezp do not help you to straighten out your indents, edit your question to attach a sample document which displays the offending behavior. (Make sure to mangle/remove any confidential info before sharing to a public place like this service.)

You use the paperclip tool above the editor pane to upload attachments.