Conflict Checking Calc

I am testing LibreOffice with four employees on shared spreadsheets. The conflict checker is showing conflicts in cells where only one person entered data. For example, it shows a conflict in cell J111, where the cell “changed from ‘empty’ to D237F49003A”

There is no other data pushing to occupy that cell, so I do not understand why LO shows this to be a conflict.

One last item - it shows six conflicts in three instances, two per instance. Not one of the cells has opposing data, and I must choose whether to accept the “unknown user” or myself, when the correct answer is “accept all changes”.

Why accept all? Because there does not seem to be a conflict anywhere, in any cell. There is no overlap. Zero.

Thoughts? Solution?

Thanks. Otherwise, a neat product that I look forward to seeing become the networked spreadsheet champ.

Please can you share a minimal sample file where to verify the issue?