Connect two pivot table in libreoffice calc

how to connect two pivot table in libreoffice calc by filter ?

Good question. Two different pivot tables must have a shared cache. How to do it?
Does the interface provide this capability? And can this be done programmatically?

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There is the SourceRange property, no Cashe one found.
Perhaps you need to connect to the same data source located in Base.

when i select a criteria form a pivot table that type of criteria must be selected to other pivot table also…How do i do that??

There is a lot you can do in Excel. For example, create a new pivot table based on an existing one.
We must look towards the registered data source and the use of LibreOffice Base. Maybe @Villeroy can help you…

More on what the OP wants…

Let’s think together what we can do here

I downloaded the sample data
What is the information we are after? I don’t understand the Excel videos.

OP in two different posts wants to create a filter (that is, a slicer) to manage multiple pivot tables with shared cache.

OK, OK. Now I got it. It is just another UI gimmick. Slicers do not add any new functionality.

What’s the difference between Slicers and Report Filters?

Slicers look super cool and are easy to use. Pivot Table’s strength lies in the fact that you don’t need a lot of skill to use it.

If 2 pivots are derived from the same source table, it is just a matter of a few minutes to create a third one or expand any of the two.

With Base forms you can create your own user interface for filter criteria.

They are always open. And they can be connected to tables. This is an external object, and the filter is internal.

Slicers are visual filters and with just one click, you can filter the pivot table report (a report filter requires several clicks to filter).

Based on the example data for the slicer, what information can we get from Excel that we can’t get from Calc?

Well, an example task should be clarified by the OP.

Off topic: To my surprise I found something that Excel can do since 8 years but nobody ever asks to do this in Calc:

People simply don’t get the concept of a relational database, even if it is an Excel feature.

this is not my answer.

The Slicer object is supported since Excel 2010.
You can support the enhancement request #tdf119807 by Roman Kuznetsov.

@kesu, let’s say I created two pivot tables based on the same data source and applied a standard filter to one table and programmatically synchronized the second with the first one. BUT. I am unable to add an event listener to the first table in order to automatically invoke the sync routine on the second table.

Who knows how to intercept the data filtering event in a pivot table 1?

Sub SyncDataPilotsByFilter()
'''	Synchronize DataPilot1 with DataPilot2 data by filter using the filter set in DataPilot1.
	On Local Error GoTo HandleErrors
	Dim oSheet As Object, oTables As Object, oTable1 As Object, oTable2 As Object

	oSheet = ThisComponent.Sheets.getByName("PivotTables")
	oTables = oSheet.DataPilotTables
	' Define table names if necessary.
	'oTables(0).Name = "DataPilot1"
	'oTables(1).Name = "DataPilot2"
Rem	Xray oTables: End

	oTable1 = oTables.getByName("DataPilot1")  'oTables(0)
	oTable2 = oTables.getByName("DataPilot2")  'oTables(1)
Rem	Xray oTable2: End

	Dim oFilterDsc1 As Object, oFilterDsc2 As Object
	oFilterDsc1 = oTable1.FilterDescriptor
	oFilterDsc2 = oTable2.FilterDescriptor

	With oFilterDsc1
		oFilterDsc2.FilterFields = .FilterFields
	End With

	Exit Sub
	Msgbox "Error" & Err & ": " & Error _
	 , MB_ICONSTOP, "macro:SyncDataPilotsByFilter"
End Sub

This instruction does all the work:
oFilterDsc2.FilterFields = oFilterDsc1.FilterFields

Suggest any listener connection code.
In this case, the standard filter will replace the slicer.
Connecting a new table will not be difficult either. The code is simple.

You can use addModifyListener.

I tried it. Error occured.
Expects 0 args. Why?!

Global oEventListener As Object

Sub StartEventListener()
	Dim oTable1 As Object
	oTable1 = ThisComponent.Sheets.getByName("PivotTables").DataPilotTables.getByName("DataPilot1")

	If IsNull(oEventListener) Then  'just to be shure it doesn't start twice
		oEventListener = CreateUnoListener("EventListener_", "")	
	End If
End Sub

Sub StopEventListener()
	Dim oTable1 As Object
	oTable1 = ThisComponent.Sheets.getByName("PivotTables").DataPilotTables.getByName("DataPilot1")

	If Not IsNull(oEventListener) Then  'only if still running
		oEventListener = Nothing  'to know later the listener has stopt
	End If
End Sub

Sub EventListener_notifyEvent(oEvent As Object) 
	Print oEvent.EventName
	Call SyncDataPilotsByFilter
End Sub

Sub EventListener_disposing(oEvent)
	MsgBox "EventListener_disposing does work now !?"
	Call StopEventListener
End Sub

Name of event is modified, type of Event is EventObject. This struct has one field: Source.

Error in line:

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We are waiting for help. And so everything works and just connects.