Connection to MySQL via SSH tunnel


I’m trying to connect Base to my MySQL servers. These servers are only accessible via SSH tunnel and I can’t seem to find a way to make this work in Base or Calc.

Has anyone experienced this before and/or knows how to make this work?


I’m trying to connect my MySQL servers to Base

Isn’t it the other way round and you want to connect Base to your MySQL? Anyway - No network information and no system information necessarily results in no answer how to setup a tunnel (One method could be to start a port forwarder, which would allow to connect to localhost:; but any details heavily depend on what you can control on both ends of the connection).

Thanks for your comment. What information do you precisely need? The databases are MySQL databases on Ubuntu webservers. I’m on Ubuntu also, but people on Windows and MacOS should also be able to do this. I normally bind addresses via the “ssh -L” command, but the other people who want access to this are less technical. Is there a way to do this in the Base setup or settings?

Is there a way to do this in the Base setup or settings?

No - you need to setup the tunnel transparent to the application and on Windows you could use putty (macOS provides ssh as well - so no additional complexity compared to Ubuntu). From your comment I take the fact that you already know how to setup that working, but in fact you are looking for a simple solution within LibreOffice Base. Is that correct?

Yes, correct. In the applications previously used it was possible to create the SSH connection via the interface. This would be easier to explain to a dozen people than having to explain terminal or PuTTy. But I understand that it’s not possible via LibreOffice Base by itself?

Ok - so your question in fact is (at least for me) a bit misleading…

> But I understand that it's not possible via LibreOffice Base by itself?

Yes - that’s my understanding expressed in stating “…setup the tunnel transparently to the application” or eventually better alternative “…setup the tunnel independently of the application