Connector text will not rotate correctly using fontwork tool

New to this site and LibreOffice, so sorry if I format this question poorly or if it has already been answered.
I am was very happy to learn of the Fontwork tools ability to fix text to the follow the curve of the connector. However when I attempted to this myself, the text does follow the trail of the connector, but each character remains in standard orientation as opposed to rotating normal to the connector curve.

The image displays the issue most clearly, but I don’t have to points to do so currently.

All help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Well. I downloaded libreoffice 5.2 beta and it is working as desired. Don’t know if there is a potential fix for the 5.0 or whether it’s even relevant given how easy it was to upgrade. Anyway, if anyone else has this issue. updating version fixed the issue for me.