connectors not appearing as desired with uno java

Dear Fellows,

I am drawing connector and shapes in Draw from Scala(JVM) based on certain data. everything is fine but connectors don`t seem to render as i would desire. i am not very well versed with internals of UNO but going through its documentation i did hit and trial with many of its properties like

1.EdgeLine1Delta and the likes.

2.EdgeNode1HorzDist and the likes.

but they produce no rectification. basically connectors are all mixed up while i want to see them all as induvidual line connecting shapes. i have to manually drag them to appear proper.i want to upload the image of what is happening otherwise it is hard to explain my problem. but i don’t have karma of 3 since i am new.

this is the link to image then link text

My Libre version is Version:
Build ID: 7e4286b58adc75a14f6d83f53a03b6c11fa2903