considering base as front end to multi users data driven application

at my work we use LibreOffice and files for documentation
we attempted to use wide spread local ERP software but its cumbersum and implemented horribly for our needs

i m considering building a database application and honestly the main factor of choosing a front end will be
how easily i can manage to build and maintain the forms/front end my experience in developing
is in magic (about 15 years ego) and base seem more similar to what am used to so am attempting to avoid learning web development for this project

use case,
all data should be stored on local server
it needs a user system
any update to the data be audited user+date and time+previous data should be log`d

i can solve the user management system and logging on the server side
but base have options to manage that itself and save me the time ?
also i guess this is pretty common use case so i will love to hear about any solutions
other then me actually building it from scratch …

I am not sure if this helps… If not please ignore…

Recently we implemented a local MySQL Server with Base front end. Everything seems to work fine. It is quick and multiuser also.

We did not really care to have a user system as to audit updates but this should be implemented into the initial database schema on the server side I suppose. I don’ t think that base (as front end) could manage something like that.

I d like to hear about your trial and the results!

thanks its good to know of other project’s working properly in multi user application
so how is the user’s implementation work’s in your project?
users have database unique login to MySQL server or sum other way to login?
or the multi users are in the aspect of multi machines working on the same database using a single login account?