Contain characters within cell, even when adjacent cell empty?

Hey, is there any way to contain characters within a cell, even when the string of characters cannot fit within the cell as there are too many, and the cell adjacent cell immediately to the right-hand side is empty?

Note, I do not want to shrink the text to make it fit, nor wrap text automatically to achieve this; I want the text to “run off” the cell as it cannot fit, with the two little red arrows to either side of it. However, I don’t want it to spill over into the next right-hand horizontally-adjacent cell visually, as this makes the spreadsheet look cluttered.
This happens automatically when the adjacent cell contains figures of any kind, but when (the adjacent cell) is empty, the text from the original cell in question runs into the adjacent cell visually, which I want to avoid.

Sorry for the (more than likely) rather convoluted explanation; if it is insufficient then I can upload an image illustrating this issue on request.

Hello @appreciatethehelp,

Try set the horizontal text alignment to "Filled"

menu "Format : Cells ..." … Text Alignment Horizontal = Filled

Perfect! Thanks.