Content moves by itself almost each time i export to pdf

Hi, i have a problem with excel, each time i want to export a number of sheets to pdf part of the content moves by itself. In picture 2 it’s how their supposed to be and in picture 1 it’s how they moved. And i don’t understand why they move??? And another think was that something i wrote in the “turnare” sheet appeard in the “tintuire” and “cnc” sheets.
Thank you!

This is how they’re supposed to be

  1. Your text is on different row numbers, so some rows have been deleted

  2. You wrote something on on one sheet and it appeared on two others

Therefore, you have had several sheets selected at once when editing. You can do this by holding down Ctrl and clicking the tabs of the sheets you want at the same time.
To stop editing multiple sheets click an unselected tab, or if all tabs are selected just click a single tab.