Content too wide for column - how to show all of it, not formulas that create it?

My worksheet has many columns, so I keep them narrow to see many of them at a time. They are wide enough to see most entries completely, but sometimes content is wider. Like a column for telephone number, but some persons have three of them, so I put them one after the other in the same column, but only the first one is visible and a small part of the second one.
I’m used to make the hidden part visible by clicking the cell - then I can see all three telephone numbers in the edit line above. That works easyly and intuitively in this context.

This method stops working as soon as the cell contains a formula. The edit line shows the formula, not my telephone numbers.

Any easy way to view the entire content anyway?

I know about paste special, but it doesn’t help here - I don’t want to copy-and-paste each time I want to see a cell’s complete content.


maybe first Where is the Wrap Text option? - #2 by Regina

then also Text to Columns

and for formulas, you may also consider inserting some “\n” thru REGEX()

First of all, thank you for your answer. It pushes me to make my thinking a bit wider in this case. Initially, I didn’t want to change the spreadsheet’s appearance. Just find a way to make the whole content visible on a click or a key press. And of course - not via a macro, because the spread sheet is generated via perl Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, which doesn’t support macros. And I didn’nt find any perl module that can generate macros in this context.

Well, because I want to save screen space, I didn’t consider using more than one line. So I didn’t think of Wrap Text nor “\n”. But, it only applies, when there is more content - this is a valid option.

Text to Columns is new to me, I never came across this functionality. And, after reading the document you linked to, I see it won’t help - it overwrites adjacent cells.

Still a “click” or “press key (combination)” would be even better.

this macro could be installed at user or application level.

LO is more python friendly :wink:

you can change the column width, then Ctrl-Z when done.

You can press F2, which puts the cell in edit mode, then F9, which evaluates the formula and shows the cell value in a yellow rectangle. To quit this edit mode, press twice the ESC key.


Not necessarlly.
Unmark comma and space, and look at the preview.
Share a sample of the cell content (anonymize replacing all numbers by 1).