continue fulfilling input fields

Would it be possible to continue fulfilling fields from particular position in Writer template?

Currently SHIFT+CTRL+F9 starts from beginning. Let’s suppose there was an interruption and would like to continue fulfilling from the place it was interrupted.

This is especially important when there is a long document and lots of fields. It would be quite annoying to start from the beginning even there are possibly some fields in the end only to fulfill. Sometimes I would like to change just some field content and not walk through all fields. It would be also appreciated if there could be possibility to move also backwards, not only forwards when fulfilling fields. If there could be even field navigator possible so I could jump to specific (yet unfilled) field directly, would be especially appreciated. If that field navigator could show me which fields are yet unfilled, it would be easier to follow that all fields are fulfilled or at least got attention whether they would be needed fulfilled or not. Also if I double-click on the field - currently I can change only the field title (and move backwards/forwards between field titles) but would like to change also the field content and also move backwards/forwards between field contents plus including that previous idea that there would be an opportunity to jump to specific (yet unfilled) field

Adding Input Fields - LibreOffice Help - this tells that SHIFT+CTRL+F9 to start fulfilling fields but not how to continue partially fulfilled fields

Created also bug report which is meant for enchancement -

Here are some design ideas how to solve it - continue-fulfilling-input-fields.odt