Continuously crashing every 2-5 minutes, any solution?

Build ID: 89f508ef3ecebd2cfb8e1def0f0ba9a803b88a6d
CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Windows 6.1; UI Render: default;
Locale: en-GB (en_GB)
I am now extremely desperate and very frustrated as it is continuously crashing, anyone else have the same problem?

The first thing I would do is close all instances of LO, including the quickstarter, then rename the user profile. Often a corrupt profile will cause regular crashes or failure to load. Does the LO bittage match that of the OS?

Thanks Paul, have restarted my pc on numerous occasions but still the same.

Would not know how to proceed with what you are suggesting.


In Windows Explorer (or “Computer” from the Start Menu), put %APPDATA%\libreoffice\4\user in the address bar. Or hit WinKey + R for the Run command, and enter that address there. You might have to enable “show hidden files and folders” in Control Panel / Folder options.

See for full details, or post back with any questions. Once you find the profile follow my instructions, or see the subheading on that wiki page for full instructions.

Thanks for your advice, followed your instructions and seems to be much more stable now.

Hi Paul, It is now crashing again…don’t understand