Control a subform from a list/combo box on main form?


Coming from MS Access I’ve gotten used to controlling displayed records in the subform using a list/combo box. During my adventures I reviewed the TT Northwind DB and several others. Looking at the assigned macro for the control I see “Standard.ComboBox.UpdateMainForm (document, Basic)” found a “Standard.Listbox…” somewhere in my travels but can’t see it in my macro manager ? Where is it and how do I get it if that’s how I need to control the subform. I have found a way using a table control but that’s not what I was trying to do. Same thing goes for other macros using a “Standard…” macro’s. ?

In Libre Base there is no macro for your request. Standard macros can be used by other macros but not in form design. For what you are requesting (no programming), one would typically use a “Filter”. Here is a link with an explanation and many examples click here.

You can also do what you want by coding your own macro(s) - a much bigger deal.

Edit: I realize your question was about a sample macro. Northwind DB is MS and wouldn’t apply here. Other samples (LO & some AOO) can be found mainly searching forum posts.

Thanks Ratslinger, but, I was referencing the TT Northwind DB in Access2Base extension(included in 5.x) where the references were. I found the “standard” macros in TT Northwind and see they were composed by the author. More than I am up to at this time. Followed your link and have a lot of reading to do. I’m marking this as solved.