Controlling cell references in the data of text box properties in Calc

In a spreadsheet I have created a text box over which I have placed several other smaller text boxes and grouped them together to form a dashboard for the sheet. In the Linked cell field on the Data tab of the text box properties for several of the smaller text boxes I have entered references to cells on the sheet, they are entered as standard references without any $s in the reference, e.g. C3. I want to create several more sheets like this sheet to contain data from different periods of time. When I copy the original sheet (lets call it Sheet1) to create another similar sheet (Sheet2), the dashboard is copied but all the cell references in it are to cells on Sheet1. Is there a way to force the new sheet creation mechanism to keep the cell references pointing to cells on the new sheet (Sheet2) rather than making them point to cells on the original sheet (Sheet1)? I realize that I can manually edit the cell references, but that is tedious and if there is a way to make it occur automatically I would like to know how to do that.
I have also noticed that when I create a chart on a sheet, the copy the sheet to create a new similar sheet the cell references for the data ranges in the chart also still point to the original sheet. So I have the same question regarding charts.
Thank you very much.