Controlling tabs on a block of text

I would like to do the following: highlight a block of text, then reset the tabs for the block such that the tab settings are the same for the entire block. I can’t seem to do it and I was wondering if there is a technique that is available to do this. Thanks!

(If the above was not clear, this is what I mean. Suppose there are three consecutive lines of text. The first line has tabs at 2", 3", and 4". The second has tabs at 1.4" and 3.3". The third has a tab at 2.5". I want to highlight the three lines and set tabs at 3" and 6" for all three lines. Can I do it?)

For previous LibreOffice versions:

Delete tha manual formatting by Ctrl-M, and create and apply a custom paragraph style with the desired TAB positions.
(The TAB positions are one of the properties of the paragraph styles.)