Controlling Writer using VBA

Does OpenOffice have a set of objects that I could reference from within excel. I am using excel 2007

The API of the LO and the MS Excel VBA are not compatible. The LO can run some VBA code (but not all of them!), but the Excel can not run the StarBasic or other languages code supported by LO.

(API: Application Programming Interface)

Please give us some more details: what you want to achieve really.

I have written a program in excel that produces a drawing in Autocad. I am able to save the excel sheet and drawing as pdfs but now I want to merge them into one document and I do not want to use Acrobat Pro. I thought of using LibreOffice to do all the work but when I tried to record the merging of the two pdf’s (which worked fine by hand) the macro was empty of code. Basically, I run excel which runs AutoCAD, I would pass the names of the files to merge to LibroOffice and LibrOffice does the collating; I just hit the run button.